Barbarafield CER TVX S NO377110 1 110m

Barbarafield 1819 Sasines no. 12,603 [‘James Roy of Perth in lands now known as Barbarafield, comprising parts of the town and lands of Mains of Scotstarvet; and part of the lands and barony of Scotstarvet now called the Chapel Lands of Tarvet, disponed by James Wemyss of Wemysshall’ CER]
Barbarafield 1828 SGF
Barbarafield 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

pn Barbara + SSE field

The farm was acquired by the Wemyss family of Wemyss Hall (Hill of Tarvit) CUP in the early nineteenth century, and renamed by Colonel Wemyss after his daughter Barbara. She died in 1847 aged 86, and her grave can be seen in the Wemyss burying ground (Deacon 2001, 52).

    This farm was formerly known as Chapel (q.v.). What chapel this might have referred to is not known, but given that the 1819 entry refers to this place as the Chapel Lands of Tarvet, it may have been land which supported a chapel or chaplaincy attached to the parish church of Tarvit CUP, TVX (for which see PNF 4). There remains a field on the farm called The Glebe. According to the OS Name Book, ‘south of the steading a well, now filled up, was known as the “Monks’ Well”’ (58, 32).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 2