Dubbieside WMS MAI S NO378003 1 5m

Dubbosyd 1652 Stevenson 1900, 383
Dubbowsyde 1652 Stevenson 1900, 383
Dubbowsyde 1653 Stevenson 1900, 392
Dubby Side 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Dubieside 1790s OSA 620 [‘the village ... contains near 200 inhabitants’]
Innerleven or Methilburgh or Dubbyside 1795 Sasines no. 4143
Dubby Side 1828 SGF

Sc dubby + Sc side

‘Muddy (hill)side’. This was an alternative name for the settlement of Innerleven, on the south side of the River Leven just before it enters the sea. It lay in a detached part of MAI until 1891, when it became part of WMS. In the early 1650s the Presbytery of Kirkcaldy examined the possibility of annexing Dubbieside to Scoonie kirk SCO, but the attempt seems to have been abandoned due to local opposition (Stevenson 1900, 383, 392).

It was known variously as *Cauldcotts, Innerleven (which see for more details) and Methilburgh #.

The name survives attached to a street in Methil.

/ˈdʌbɪ said/

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1