Callertend # TUL S NS944892 2

Calivardend 1571 NAS GD15/ 952/ 9, item 107 [18th c. copy; ‘the lands of Calivardend and Ovirtoun in the ... barony of Tulliallan’]
Callourend 1619 RMS vii no. 2017 [in barony of Tulliallan; see PNF 1, 564]
Callertend 1762 NAS RH4203/3 pp. 2219–21 [an established plantation lately extended at Callertend; also Callertend farm and yard]
Callertend of Tulliallan 1775 NAS GD15/797 [a Bill by Robert Inglis at Callertend of Tulliallan and Nathaniel Inglis, sailor in Kincardine, his son, to James Erskine of Cardross, for £50]220

? + Sc end

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1