Cadgerford SLN S NS987925 1 383 75m SWF

Cadgerford 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Cadgerford 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn.

Sc cadger + Sc ford

Sc cadger is found throughout the Scottish lowland area attached to fords, roads and other route-markers. A cadger is ‘a carter (first attested in the fifteenth century), peddlar or an itinerant dealer (especially in fish)’ (CSD, DSL).

OS 6 inch (1855), in addition to the settlement, shows the ford itself, Cadger Ford, at NS988920, fording what it calls the Devilly Burn (marked as Bluther Burn on OS Pathf.), which at this point forms the parish and county boundary; OS Name Book (1853 × 1856) states that ‘the stream is now crossed by a wooden bridge’ (3, 7).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1