Walkerton * KDT DSX S NT280969 3

Walkertoun 1546 RMS iii no. 3275 [lands of Balbegy and Walkertoun lying on the water of Ore (aqua de Ore)]

Sc waulker + Sc toun

‘Fuller’s or fullers’ toun’. This name appears only here, and may be an error for *Wilston KDT, DSX, since, like *Wilston, it is granted to the Sinclairs and is associated with the lands of Balbeggie (RMS iv no. 116). If this identification is correct, then it locates *Wilston on the Ore near Balbeggie. However, it may refer to an otherwise unrecorded waukmill on the Ore, which forms the northern boundary of the lands of Balbeggie for more than 2 km. The above NGR is supplied by the approximate mid-point of this stretch of the river.

There was also a waulkmill in the medieval parish of Kirkcaldy KXY, since Walkerlandis are mentioned as being part of the barony of Kirkcaldy 1556 × 1585 (RMS v no. 843). See KDT, KXY Introduction for more details. Another waulkmill lay two or three km downstream from Balbeggie in MAI, on the north side of the Ore near its junction with the Lochty Burn (for details of which see Waukmill MAI PNF 2).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1