Dubbo # KDT S NT2992 3

Dubbo 1460 RMS ii no. 746 [to Queen Mary the lands of Dysart (Disart) viz Wilstoune, Carbarry and Dubbo resigned by Walter Ramsay]
Dubbo 1470 RMS ii no. 996 [described as lying next to Ravenscraig KDT]
my landis of Dubbo 1510 Dysart, Maitland Club, 1 [see discussion below]
Dubbo 1643 RMS ix no. 1291 [part of the lands of Ravenscraig KDT]

See also *Wilston KDT below. The NGR is inferred from the 1470 entry, by its proximity to Ravenscraig. OS 6 inch 1st edn. (1856) shows The Dubbie at NT308936, c.2 km north-east of Ravenscraig, on the coast beyond (east of) Dysart, the local name for the Francis Pit coal mine. While Dubbie would be the regular Sc development of Dubbo, the position of The Dubbie can hardly be described as ‘next to Ravenscraig’. Sc dubbie means ‘muddy’.

That the lands of Dubbo lay on the Ravenscraig (i.e. west) side of Dysart is further suggested by a document dating from 1510 concerning a dispute between Henry Lord Sinclair (of Ravenscraig) and the burgh of Dysart anent lands in Sinclair’s barony ‘callit the Pansteids, the Girnall Steids and Cadais Croft, liande betwixt my landis of Dubbo and the Havin of Disart’ (Dysart, Maitland Club, 1).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1