Chapel KDT AAX, KGH S NT253937 1 105m

at Sanct Ninians Chapell 1562 MacBean 1908, 65 [Robert Millar (Myllar) ‘dwelland at Sanct Ninians Chapell’ (Kirkcaldy Burgh Records); see KGH Introduction for more details]
indweller in Saint Rinzeanis Chapell 1582 MacBean 1908, 76 [Kirkcaldy Burgh Records]
apud Capellam Divi Niniani 1621 RMS viii no. 173 [to David Barclay of Tough (Tulloch) the toun and lands of Wester Bogie (villam et terras de Wester Bogie) with tower and coals, with 2 arable acres and with the brewery the Brewland, and a market to be held annually at St Ninian’s Chapel on the said lands (of Wester Bogie) (bruerio lie Brewland, et forum seu nunduum annuatim apud Capellam Divi Niniani super dictis terris tenendum)]
St Ninians Chapell 1649 Stevenson 1900, 342 [Tough Easter and Wester, St Ninians Chapell in KGH, about to be transferred to AAX; see KGH Introduction and KDT, AAX Introduction]
Ni<ni>ans Chappell 1654 Blaeu (Pont) West Fife [Blaeu’s Nimans is obviously a misprint for Ninians; situated south of Touch; the equivalent part of Gordon MS Fife is obscure through damage and/or a fold]
Chapel 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Chapel 1828 SGF
Chapel 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn. [village]

Sc chapel

From the earliest references above it is clear that this place takes its name from a (probably late) medieval chapel dedicated to St Ninian. The NGR refers to the ‘Supposed Site of a Chapel’ shown on OS 6 inch 1st edn. (1856). An NMRS field investigation (D. T. 1962) records that no further information regarding the chapel or regarding the urns containing human bones (noted in the OS Name Book 11, 6) was encountered, and that ‘the site is now in a disused quarry’. Immediately south of the ‘supposed’ chapel site OS 6 inch 1st edn. shows the village of Chapel.

The chapel was on the lands of Tough, and the ousting of the latter name by the former can be clearly charted: Easter Tough corresponds to OS Pathf. Chapel Farm (NT256941), now underneath Fife Central Retail Park. The OS Name Book (11, 12) records the process of change in its statement that Easter Tough is known to some of the informants as Chapel Farm or Chapel. Wester Tough corresponds to OS Pathf. and OS Explorer (2001) Chapel Home Farm (NT247944). See also under Tough KDT.

While the 1649 reference above states that Chapel (with Easter and Wester Tough) was in KGH, the 1562 and 1582 references suggest that it was in KXY. For more on this, see KGH Introduction.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1