Whitehill ABO S NT179859 1 394 60m SEF

Quhitehill 1441 Inchcolm Chrs. no. 51 [o.c.]
Quhithill 1441 RMS ii no. 268
(David Fynie of) Quhithyll 1567 Pitfirrane Writs no. 159
Quhythill 1574 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 217
the Quhythill 1574 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 222
Quhythill 1654 Blaeu (Pont) West Fife
Quheithill 1601 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 224
Quhythill 1601 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 224
pendiculum vocat<um> Quhytehill 1601 RMS vi no. 1226 [to the Leslies of Otterston DGY with the pendicle called Whitehill. This is presumably Wester Whitehill]
half landis of Quhythill 1605 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 226 [the half landis of Quhythill callit the eist place thairof, feued to David Phin]
west part of the landis of Quhythill 1605 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 227 [feued to James Burne of Bouprie, along with the lands of Bowprie and Inchbairdie, all in the barony of Beath (Beive)]
Quhythill Westersyde Eister syde 1605 Inchcolm Chrs. p. 227
Quhytlaw 1606 RMS vi no. 1704 [this is also the ms reading NAS C.2.44 part ii. no. 211, probably a scribal error for an original *Quhythill]
(west part of lands of) Quhythill 1606 RMS vi no. 1704 [to James Burne the west part of lands of Quhythill and ‘lie riggis’ in the north part of the said Quhytehill]
Quhytehill 1606 RMS vi no. 1704
Eister Whithill 1636 RMS x no. 166
Chapel of Whithill 1636 RMS x no. 166
Whithill 1636 RMS x no. 166
(in the lands of) Easter Whythill 1696 Retours (Fife) no. 1392 [‘in the lordship of Saint Columba and the barony of Beath’ (infra dominium Sancti Columbi (sic) et Baroniam de Bath)]
Whytehill ? Gordon MS Fife
Whythill 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Whithill 1753 Roy sheet 17, 5
Whitehill 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Whitehill 1828 SGF [now Old Whitehill]

Sc white + Sc hill

The NGR of OS Pathf. Old Whitehill is NT176864, and it lies on a steep, south-east facing slope on the 105m contour. On SGF/1828 and Aberdour Map/1837 Old Whitehill is called simply Whitehill. On the latter, on or near the site of the present-day Whitehill (NT179859) is marked ‘Whitehill Cottage’.

For a discussion of the various possible associations of ‘white’, see Elements Index s.v. The original site of the steading of (Easter) Whitehill appears as Old Whitehill on OS Pathf., while Chapel of Whithill (1636) is OS Pathf. Chapel DGY. It would appear from this and the reference to Otterston DGY (1601 RMS vi no. 1226) that Whitehill referred to an extensive stretch of (probably mainly grazing) land lying in the two parishes of ABO and DGY.

For a detailed description of the marches of Easter Whitehill in 1636, see RMS x no. 166.

Quhythill mentioned along with Seaside (Sesyd) in the rental of Inchcolm Abbey in 1574 is probably a scribal or transcription error for Cuttle(hill). Inchcolm Chrs. p. 219.

/hwait hIÉ/

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1