Hatton Of Cluny

Hatton Of Cluny * KGL S NT243964 3

(territory of) Haltoun de Cluny 1465 McNeill Houston 1924, 77 [o.c.; in lordship of Cluny (Cluny); from Rothes muniments]
Hawtoune 1561 Dunf. Reg. p. 443 [Clune Mill (Clvne Mylne), *Hatton <of Cluny> (Hawtoune), Muirton <of Cluny> (Murtoune)]
Haltoun de Cluny 1632 RMS viii no. 1945
Haltoun of Lugtoun 1654 RMS xi no. 180

Sc hall + Sc toun + Sc of + en Cluny

‘Toun or farm where a hall or high-status residence is situated’. This was a subdivision of the estate of Cluny KGL, presumably the site of the chief messuage of the estate. For the use of *Hatton of Lugton, see Cluny KGL above.

The NGR given is that of Cluny (OS Pathf).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1