Bloodyfoot ~ KGL O NO2300 1

the Bladisleit 1599 RMS vi no. 927 [‘the merche of Gaitmilk callit the Bladisleit’; part of march of lands of Ryelaw(Roallie) KGL, PTM in barony of Kirkness]
Bladdyfoot 1753 Roy [small settlement with three houses]
Bloody foots 1822 RHP3617 [Plan of the lands of Stenton, Sunny Half of Wester Strathore and Milldeans. By William Crawford, junior, surveyor, Edinburgh, 1822]

A difficult name, now applied to an old track running northwards towards Den Plantationand the Leven along the eastern edge of the lands of Ryelaw KGL. A good description of this track, with map, can be found in Davidson 1942, although the earliest form of the name strongly militates against his suggested derivation, from Sc bluidy fit ‘bloody foot’.[184] Going up this old track was known locally as going ‘up by the bloodyfoots’ (Davidson 1942, 1).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1