Swallow Craig

Swallow Craig ABO CoO NT191827 1

Swallow Craig or Craigswallow 1850s OS Name Book 77, 9 [‘A large rugged rock at the NE point of Inchcolm visible at the highest spring tides and connected to this island at low water but a large boat may pass between them at halftide derivation unknown’]

? Sc or SSE swallow + Sc or SSE craig

Compare Swallow Craig Den and Swallow Craig Waterfall on the Black Devon, the boundary between SLN, TOB and DFL, recorded in name-book column 1 as Swallow Crag Den, and in column 2, as it appears on map, i.e. Swallow Craig Den, and described as ‘a very rugged slope’ (OS Name Book 2, 9).

OS Name Book cited above locates Swallow Craig in DGY (as it does Inchcolm itself 77, 17).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1