Shankery KGH S NT243912 2

The Shankry Bred Shad 1757 RHP1710

The lack of early forms makes it impossible to be sure even which language this name derives from. If G, then the first element is probably sean ‘old’; if Sc, then it is probably shank ‘shank, shank-shaped piece of land’. It first appears as ‘The Shankry Bred Shad’ i.e. ‘broad land-division’ Sc shad(e) or shed ‘land-division’, a field on the lands of East Balbarton on the Raith Estate Plan of 1757, which describes it as ‘a rising ground mostly good infield soil’.

The NGR given is for OS Pathf. Shankery Cottages.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1