Lambert’s Mill

Lambert’s Mill KGH S NT233901 1 385 65m NEF

Lambertismylne 1632 RMS viii no. 2065 [mills called Datie Mill (Inchdatie-mylne) and Lambert’s Mill (Lambertismylne), part of the lands of Balmuto KGH]
Lambertiemylne 1636 RMS ix no. 541 [probably a transcription error for Lambertismylne; part of the lands of Balmuto KGH]
Lambersmilne 1667 RMS xi no. 1122 [part of the lands of Balmuto, in the barony of Glasmonth, constabulary of Kinghorn]
Lamberts 1753 Roy sheet 17, 5
Lammas Miln 1757 RHP1710 [‘march ditch with Lammas Miln’]
Lamertsmill 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Lambertsmill 1794 Sasines no. 3855 [Claud Boswell, part of the estate of Balmuto]
Lamberts Mill 1828 SGF

pn Lambert + Sc miln

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1