Druimmuilionn KGH ABO S NT239894 1 395 107m

Druimmuilionn 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn.

G druim + G muileann

‘Ridge of the mill’. This rising land is 200 m from Kilrie Mill (NT242896) (OS Pathf. Kilrie Farm) with its mill dam, sluice and mill lead as shown on OS 6 inch (1856). It is likely that this mill, or its predecessor, gave its name to Druimmuilionn, suggesting that a mill has been here or nearby from before c.1200 AD, when G began to disappear from the area. It shares its name with a field in the parish of IKG (OS Name Book 131, 9).

While all the above makes the suggested derivation perfectly plausible, both the lack of early forms and the use of G orthography are puzzling, especially the latter, since the OS uses SSE rather than G spelling to represent names on its maps of Fife. It must be assumed, therefore, either that someone with a knowledge of written G, aware of the elements underlying this name, re-cast it in G orthography before the OS collected the name in the mid-nineteenth century; or that the name is a late import from the G?idhealtachd.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1