Balgeuery # KGH S NT2687 3

Balgeuery 1358 ER i 564 [... Woodfield (Wodefeld), Craigencalt (Cragyncat), Balgeuery and the Red Mire or the Reed Mire (le Redemyre),161 Seafield (Sefeld), Banchory (Banchory), Tyrie (Tyry) all in constabulary of Kinghorn]
Balgeuery 1369 RMS i no. 241 [royal lands of Balgeuery, Craigencalt (Cragynkat), Boglily Wester and Easter (Balglaly Westir et Balglaly Estir) in ‘constabularia de Kyngorne’ given by King David II to John of Abernethy]
Balgyuery 1369 RMS i no. 287 [Balgyuery in baronia de Kyngorne]

G baile + G geamhradh

‘Winter estate’, in the sense of a good wintering place; for other examples, see Watson 1926, 182, where he tentatively identifies it with Balwearie KDT, KXY (but see his footnote 3). There can, however, be no doubt that they are separate places, with Balgeuery # situated in the constabulary of Kinghorn, and Balwearie in the regality of Dunfermline, quite apart from the clear difference in the early forms.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1