Baidlin KGH S NT227907 1

Bedeland Pendicle 1757 RHP1710 [most westerly strip of land of West Boglilly]
Baidlin T. P 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn [T.P. = Turnpike, referred to as Baidlin Toll Bar in OS Name Book 133, 33]

‘Land(s) compelled to pay money to Bedemen’ (SND bede lands), defining bedeman as ‘a pauper, also known as a Blue-Gown’, more generally someone who was expected to pray for another in return for alms (Sc bede ‘prayer’).

This survives in OS Pathf. (385) Baidlin Toll(NT227907), on the north side of the road from Auchtertool to Kirkcaldy, while Bedeland Pendicle lay to the south, with the settlement shown on RHP1710 beside the road, also to the south. The name has been entirely omitted from OS Expl. 367 (2007).


This place-name appeared in printed volume 1