Newton Of Pitadro

Newton Of Pitadro # IKG S NT143840 2 25m

(lands of Caldsyde called) le Newtoune de Petadro 1511 RMS ii no. 3558
all and haill lands of Newton of Pittadro 1819 SRO RD 5. 161 p. 152 [all and haill lands of Newton of Pittadro alias called Caldside]

Sc new + Sc toun + Sc of + en Pitadro

‘New farm of Pitadro’. These lands are defined in 1819 thus: ‘betwixt the lands of Fordell on the east and the lands of Hillfield and the Common of Innerkeithing called Greens on the west, the lands of Deals, Balbougie and Pittadro on the north and the lands of Borland on the south’. Greens includes the area where Inverkeithing railway station now stands. It lay immediately north of the burgh, and bounded on the north by the lands of Dales IKG and Duloch IKG it lay outside the burgh boundary (Stephen 1921, 5 and 46). Stephen (ibid. 46) records that most of the lands of Newton of Pitadro, which stretched as far as Hillend IKG, were in his time part of the lands of Boreland farm. Assuming that Newton was a subdivision of the original estate of Pitadro, this shows that Pitadro was a substantial estate which stretched from Annfield IKG in the north, including that part of Fordell (mainly DGY) which is situated in IKG (Stephen 1921, 45), almost to the burgh-limits of Inverkeithing itself.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1