Borland IKG S NT132832 1 20m

Suthbordeland 1324 RRS v no. 251 [o.c.; one of lands granted by King Robert I to Nicholas Scrymgeour with the office of royal standard bearer; same as RMS i app. 1 no. 85, which has Suth Brodland]
Bordland 1460 RMS ii no. 742 [to James Scrymgeour the lands of Inverkeithing with their mill and muirs commonly called the Hillfield and Borland (cum molendino et moris earundem, vulgariter nuncupat. le Hilfeild et Bordland)]
Boreland Distillery 1828 SGF
Boreland 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn.

Sc bordland

‘Mensal land, table land’ i.e. land which directly supplies the household of the feudal superior. For a discussion of this element in a British context, see Winchester 1986. His earliest form of Borland IKG is the 1460 one (137).

/ˈborland/ or /ˈborlənd/

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1