Pitmillie # DFL F NT064848 2 30m

Pitmillie 1771 Broomhall Plan
Pitmillie 1837 Merry Hill Plan

G pett + G muileann

‘Estate of the mill’ or ‘milton’. This name first occurs on the Broomhall Plan of 1771, in the field-name ‘Pitmillie and Scottie’s Brae. G pett a’ mhuilinn is found frequently enough in eastern Scotland to suggest that it was at one time functioning as an appellative (common noun) compound. It is discussed in more detail under Pitmilly KBS (PNF 3). Estates so named were of some importance in the local economy (Pitmilly KBS was originally assessed at two davochs at least). It is therefore remarkable that it should appear so late in the record in an area which enjoys relatively detailed, and early, documentary coverage. On the other hand, as a Pit-name it is hardly out of place around Dunfermline, which has the second highest density of such names in Scotland (see DFL Introduction); and its situation on the Lyne Burn beside OS Pathf. Mid Mill further suggests that the name could well be genuine.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1