Milesmark DFL S NT067888 1 394 125m SOF

Milesmark 1771 RHP1289 [Simply a field-name, with no buildings marked; to the east of it are West Blackburn, Blackburn, East Blackburn (now Parkneuk)]
Miles Mark 1828 SGF

Presumably a place that marked a measured mile. If so, then the mile is more likely to have been the Scots mile, 1984 yards (1.814 km), rather than the English mile of 1760 yards (1.6 km). It is said to mark a mile to Dunfermline Abbey (e.g. Pitcairn 2000, 244), but in fact, even as the crow flies, it is almost 2.8 km. It is more likely that it was named as being one mile from the boundary of the burgh of Dunfermline, which does indeed lie about one English mile and 400 yards distant. This is about 180 yards greater than a Scots mile, so it is possible that the settlement of Milesmark is slightly to the north-west of the eponymous mark itself.

/mailz mark/

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1