Meikle Couston

Meikle Couston ABO S NT168850 1 45m

Micklecouston 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Mickle Couston 1828 SGF
Meikle Couston 1829 RHP14337

Sc meikle + en Couston

From at least the eighteenth century the farm-steading beside Couston Castle was known as Meikle Couston. On RHP14337 (‘Meikle and Little Couston’) and SGF the farm-steading is shown immediately south of the outer castle wall, while on Ainslie/Fife it appears to be on the site of present-day Cockairnie, although that is probably a mistake.

Only a few field-names are given on RHP14337, mainly on the lands of Meikle Couston. Furthest west is Gallow Bank, with Chapel Bank immediately east thereof, lying between the main road and the Castle/Meikle Couston, and Galmoss the name of the low-lying, boggy ground south of the main road (the name of which is still preserved today in Moss Cottages and Moss Plantation).[41] Other names are East Park and Myres.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1