Hospital DFL S NT097866 1 50m

hospitali de Dunf’ 1227 Dunf. Reg. no. 214
? Spetell 1479 Dunf. Gild Ct. Bk. 174 [18 s. ‘forgevin to (blank) of Spetell at the request of the abbot’]
? Dominus de Spittell 1533 Dunf. Reg. Ct. Bk. 84
Spittell Burn 1533 Dunf. Reg. Ct. Bk. 87 [‘five acris of land lyand within the croftis of the Netherton of Dunfermlyng on the northt part the spittell burn on the southt part’]
terras de Spittell 1539 Dunf. Reg. no. 544
the Hospitall brigge 1607 Dunf. Burgh Recs. (Shearer), 31 [‘the gait and boundis on this syde the Hospitall brigge’]
Spittell hill 1654 Blaeu (Pont) West Fife
Spittell 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
Spittal House 1771 Dunf. Reg. Ct. Bk. map II [19th copy; also ‘Spittlehill Hospital Lands’ and ‘Widows Lands called Spittalhill’]
Spittle 1775 Ainslie/Fife
Hospital 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn. [also Hospital Bridge, Hospital Cross Head]

Sc spittall

‘Hospital or hospice’, that is the hospital of St Leonard, probably the hospital referred to in 1227 as the hospital of Dunfermline (Dunf. Reg. no. 214). See also Cowan and Easson 1976, 175. It lay on the south bank of the Lyne Burn, and gave that burn the alternative name Spittell Burn in 1533. Sc spittall derives from Latin hospitale, which has given Sc and SSE hospital: it is in this more Latinate form that the name has survived, in the Dunfermline street-name Hospital Hill. The replacement of spittall by hospital is already seen in the Hospitall brigge 1607 (Dunf. Burgh Recs. (Shearer), 31), which must have crossed the Lyne Burn approximately where the A823 crosses it today.

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