Leech Loch

Leech Loch # ABO W NT182852 1

lacus vulgo Lethe loche 1606 NAS C2/44/211 [printed as RMS vi no. 1704, but without the boundary clause which contains this and other features; there is no doubt that the scribe has written Lethe loche not Leche loche]
Leech Loch 1758 RHP37878 [part of ‘Aberdour Acres and Barnhill’ belonging to the earl of Moray]

Sc leech + Sc loch

‘Leech loch, loch where leeches are to be found’. This assumes that the 1606 form Lethe is a scribal error for Leche.

This small loch lay to the south of Birkhill Wood, its site still clearly visible in the low, wet depression in the field on the west side of the farm-road to Nether Bouprie. It was probably drained shortly after it was shown as such on the plan of RHP37878 (1758).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1