Charles Hill

Charles Hill DGY R NT185838 1 394

Charles’s Hill Park 1811 Moray/1811
Charleshill 1837 Aberdour Map/1837

The name of a promontory opposite, and nearest to, Inchcolm. The identity of the eponymous Charles is obscure, although he was probably a member of the family of the local lairds, the earls of Moray, perhaps Charles, the 6th earl of Moray, who, with his wife Countess Anne had the chapel built beside Donibristle House in 1731.

On Charles Hill, overlooking the sea, are the well-preserved remains of a medieval store house connected with Inchcolm Abbey, known as the Monk’s Cave. It formed part of the abbey’s lands of Barnhill DGY q.v.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1