Whitehills CUS S NS960907 1 383 50m NEF

Quhitehill 1540 x 1543 RMS iii no. 2869 [see CUS Introduction]
Quhithillis 1586 RMS v no. 1111
(half lands of) Quhitehilis 1587 Culross Chrs. 80 no. 17 [associated with the lands of Burrowine CUS (Burwen), to William Aitkin]
(half lands of) Quhythillis 1587 Culross Chrs. 86 no. 87 [with meadows and mures adjacent, associated with lands of Blinkeerie (Blawkery), to Edward Sandis]
Quhythillis 1634 RMS ix no. 134 [in the lordship of Culross, sheriffdom of Perth (in dominio de Culros, vic. Perth)]
Quhythilles 1642 RMS ix no. 1217
Quhythill 1644 Retours (Perth) no. 542
William Hendersone in Whytehills 1665 NAS RS59/2 fo. 152
White hill 1753 Roy sheet 16, 1
Whitehill 1783 Stobie
Whitehills 1866 OS 6 inch 1st edn.

Sc white + Sc hill

‘White hills’. The variation between the sing. and pl. goes back to the sixteenth century and is a feature of the name today, as it appears on OS Explorer (2001) as Whitehill Farm.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1