Park CUS S NS987862 1 393 30m SOF

parcam 1560 x 1565 RMS iv no. 1632 [grants the Park, commonly called Cistern’s Park (parcam vulgo Cisternispark)]
lie Cistrenis vel Park 1587 RMS v no. 1284
Cristinis Welpark 1587 Culross Chrs. 81 no. 33 [see discussion below]
The Park 1866 OS 6 inch 1st edn.

Sc park

The references to Park in 1560 × 1565 and in 1587 have been understood as referring to this site, rather than to Park CUS at NS977883, for which see above, because of the association of this Park with cisterns, and therefore with an important water supply. This is far more likely to have been associated with the town and abbey of Culross than with a farm c.3 km to the north-west whose own well, marked on the OS 6 inch map, would have provided for all its needs.

Culross Chrs. 81 no. 33 records in 1587 Cristinis Welpark, a plausible but erroneous reading of an original ‘Cistrenis vel Park’ or the like, where vel is Latin ‘or’, and has been misinterpreted as Sc well. The correct form is seen in lie Cistrenis vel Park 1587 RMS v no. 1284. In the PSAS document the place is associated with ‘a house, green and 2 tenements with yards in town of Culross, and 2 salt pans’, which confirms that Cisternis vel Park is at this site. In 1644 Retours (Perth) no. 544 records ‘Cisternis or Parkwell’.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1