Overton CUS S NS998897 1 393 70m SWF

Ovirtoun 1540 x 1543 RMS iii no. 2869 [see CUS Introduction]
(John Sandis of) Ovirtoun 1586 RMS v no. 1115
Ovirtoun 1587 Culross Chrs. 81 no. 30 [lands of Ovirtoun and half part of the Hedis, set in feu to Robert Sandis]
Overtoun 1592 RMS v no. 2152 [to Robert Bruce of Blairhall]
Overtoun 1609 RMS vii no. 9
(John Sandis of) Overtoun 1640 x 1647 RMS ix no. 1757
Overtoun 1644 Retours (Perth) no. 541 [John Sands, lands of Overton with half share of Headis]
Overtoune 1656 RMS x no. 537
Overtoune 1699 Retours (Perth) no. 1045 [Francis Kinloch in lands and barony of Valleyfield (Valeyfeild); lands of Overton, all in the dominium of Culross]
Overtown 1783 Stobie
Overton 1866 OS 6 inch 1st edn.

Sc overtoun

‘Upper farm’.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1