Glasgow Moss

Glasgow Moss CUS V NS963896 1 80m

Glasgow Moss 1866 OS 6 inch 1st edn.

en Glasgow + Sc moss

Until earlier forms can be found, it remains uncertain whether Glasgow Moss contains the name of the well-known west coast city, or whether it is a home-grown name which has fallen together with the better known one. In favour of the former hypothesis is the fact that there were strong cultural links between Culross and Glasgow in the middle ages, through the cult of St Kentigern, and later through the Blackadder family and their promotion of that cult (see CUS Introduction above). However, the place-name Glasgo(w) does exist as an independent coining, probably within a G-speaking milieu, in Aberdeenshire (Glasgo, Kinellar parish), early forms of which are Glaskego 1478 RMS ii no. 1396, Glascofores 1528 RMS iii no. 625 (where fores represents Sc forest). It is discussed at some length by William Alexander, who concludes a meaning ‘a place characterised by glasg, whatever that may have been’ (1952, 290–1).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1