Willandale Plantation

Willandale Plantation ~ SLO V NO202112 1 362

    Willandale Plantation 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

? + SSE plantation

The existing name Willandale contains Sc dale ‘division of land’; the first element is less clear, although the OS Name Book would derive it from SSE willow: ‘A long strip of mixed Plantation thro’ which passes the road from Strathmiglo to Perth, the name has been corrupted from Willows which formerly grew in abundance here’. But two informants gave it as Winningdale (one of whom was P. G. Skene Esq., the other Mr Senior), while Winningdale also appears in the first column ‘List of Names to be corrected if necessary’ (27, 34).

    The plantation is bounded on the east by the burn which at this point, until 1891, formed the boundary between SLO to the west and ANY (FIF).

    The road described by the OS Name Book (above) as ‘from Strathmiglo to Perth’ is nowadays referred to as The Glentarkie Road, since it passes the farm of Glentarkie ANY PER (formerly ANY FIF). The stretch going past Pitlour is referred to locally as The Willandale or The Wallandale, always with the definite article (see pronunciation, below).

    A (new) house called Willandale Plantation stands beside the West Lodge of Pitlour (OS MasterMap 2007).

/ˈwɪləndel/, locally also /ˈwaləndel/.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4