Wester Pitlour

Wester Pitlour SLO ANY FI S 1

    Westir-Petlour 1490 RMS ii no. 1986 [6th of lands of Nochnarie SLO and]
    Westir Petloure 1508 RMS ii no. 3255 [David Scott sells to Alexander Kincraigie (Kyncragy), brother of the king’s servant John Kincraigie, dean of Aberdeen, his third part of lands of Wester Pitlour and Nochnarie SLO]
    Estir et Westir Pitlour 1510 RMS ii no. 3427 [part of barony of Strathmiglo]
    (lands of) Westir Pitlour 1510 RMS ii no. 3427 [and Nochnarie SLO which had belonged to David Scott of Wester Pitlour brother of Wm Scott of Balwearie]
    terras bine partis de Westir Pitloure 1515 RMS iii no. 43 [Wm Scott of Balwearie sells ‘lands of two thirds of Wester Pitlour’ and Nochnarie SLO to the provost and canons of St Salvator’s College]
    Westir Pitlour 1526 RMS iii no. 371 [SLO Intro., The Scotts and Strathmiglo]
    Westir Pitloure 1529 RMS iii no. 760
    garbas decimas dominii de Westyr Petlowyr 1531 Arb. Lib. ii no. 758 [‘teind sheaves of lordship of Wester Pitlour’ in Abernethy parish, Dunblane diocese]
    dominum proprietatis dominii de Wester Petlour 1531 Arb. Lib. ii no. 758 [Wm Ruthven ‘lord of the property of the lordship of Wester Pitlour’]
    Wester Pitloure 1605 RMS vi no. 1569 [Patrick Pitcairn of Pitlour; see Pitlour]
    W<ester> Pitlour 1828 SGF
    Wester Pitlour 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc wester + en Pitlour

Wester Pitlour is now in ruins. Most if not all the lands of Wester Pitlour lay in Abernethy parish (FIF) before the 1891 boundary changes. See SLO Intro., Parish and Boundaries, for more details.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4