Urquhart SLO S NO186086 2

    Gilpedi de Urwhardni 1294 PRO E 372/141/m. 56 [printed Urwhardin, Stevenson, Documents i, 408; see PNF 5, App. 2]
    Gylpedy de Hurchardyn 1294 PRO E101/331/1 [a felon; see PNF 5, App. 2]
    villa de Esterurwardyn 1294 PRO E101/331/1 [printed Esturwardyn Stevenson, Documents i, 416; earl of Fife land, yielding £6 13 s. 4 d. (per annum); see SLO Intro. and PNF 5, App. 2]
    villa de Westerurwardyn 1294 PRO E101/331/1 [printed Westurwardyn Stevenson, Documents i, 416; earl of Fife land, yielding £6 13 s. 4 d. (per annum); see SLO Intro. and PNF 5, App. 2]
    Westerurchard c.1340 Dunf. Reg. no. 325 [Cristinus son of Adam living there, one of the men of Dunfermline Abbey; see PNF 5, App. 1]
    terras de Vrchardy 1358 RRS vi no. 158 [o.c.; to John of Preston (Prestona) lands granted to late Joachim de Kinbuck by late Duncan IV earl of Fife (died 1353); lands are escheated as Joachim’s heir living in England as a traitor; no need to doubt identification of Vrchardy with Urquhart SLO, despite editor’s uncertainty (p. 196); endorsed 16th c. ‘terras de Wrquhard’]
    Urquhartis 1506 Dunk. Rent. 195 [teind meal to Dunkeld]
    (lands of) Urquhartis 1512 RMS ii no. 3756 [barony of Parbroath CRC, q.v.]
    Estir Urquhart 1512 RMS ii no. 3756 [barony of Parbroath CRC, q.v.]
    Myddil Urquhart 1512 RMS ii no. 3756 [barony of Parbroath CRC, q.v.]
    Loppy Urquhart 1512 RMS ii no. 3756 [barony of Parbroath CRC, q.v.]
    the landis of Wrquhart 1520 Fife Ct. Bk. 183 [dispute between Robert Moncreiffe and John Beaton (Beitoun) of Creich anent the lands of Urquhart]
    landis of Wrquhart 1520 Fife Ct. Bk. 277 [James V intervenes in the dispute (see preceding), stating that Robert’s mother’s family (named Frow) had ‘been his tenants in the lands of Urquhart’ (hes in tak of ws the landis of Wrquhart) for 60 years, and that John Beaton (Beitone) should stop troubling them]
    terras de Urquhart 1524 RMS iii no. 263 [to John Beaton (Beatoun) of Creich, with annual rent to king of £15 6 s. 8 d., and to bishop of Dunkeld of 53 s. 4 d. ... ‘from the cain owed to him of old’ (de cana ei ab antiquo debita)]
    Myddil-Urquhart alias Lausounstoun 1538 RMS iii no. 1877 [Lacesston SLO]
    Ovir Urquhard c.1560 s Assumption, 69
    Nather Urqhuard c.1560 s Assumption, 69
    in terris de Urquhattis 1563 Retours (Fife) no. 51 [David Seton of Parbroath, the lands of (the) Urquharts, viz the Easter Urquharts (Eister Urquhattis), Middle Urquhart (Midle Urquhat) and Lappie (Loppie Urquhat)]
    (lands of) Urquhart 1563 RMS iv no. 1460 [Beatons]
    (lands of) Urquhatis 1572 RMS iv no. 2033 [Herings; see Lacesston SLO]
    suas terras vocatas tres Urquhardis 1581 RMS v no. 287 [David Seton (Seytoun) of Parbroath CRC sells to Mr John Sharp advocate and his heirs his (Seton’s) lands called the three Urquharts viz Easterton, Lacesston and Lappie (Eistertoun, Lawsounistoun et Lappie)]
    Toddis-Urquhart 1592 RMS v no. 2202 [Mr James Beaton of Creich is made hereditary constable of Falkland, one of the pertinents of this office being money from *Tods-Urquhart]
    (lands of) Wrquhattis 1592 RMS v no. 2215 [to Setons of Parbroath CRC the lands of ‘Urquharts viz the Easter and the Middle Urquhart and Lappie’ (Wrquhattis viz lie Eister et lie Middill Urquhat et lie Loppie-Urquhat)]
    the three Urquhartis 1625 Retours (Fife) no. 360 [George Bruce of Carnock, and annual rent of 800 marks from the three Urquharts in parish of Strathmiglo]
    terris de Urquhart 1628 Retours (Fife) no. 400 [David Beaton of Creich, with common pasture on the Lomonds of Falkland (Lowmoundis de Falkland)]
    The Thrie Urquhatis 1638 Retours (Fife) no. 573 [George Bruce, son of George Bruce of Carnock]
    O<ver> Wrghuart 1642 Gordon MS Fife
    N<ether> Wrghwart 1642 Gordon MS Fife
    partes terrarum de Urquhart 1643 RMS ix no. 1462 [‘lands of Easter Urquhart, Middle Urquhart, Lappie(-Urquhart) and Lacesston, which were parts of lands of Urquhart (terras de Eister Urquhart, Midle Urquhart, Lappe Urquhart et Lawsounstoun, que fuerunt partes terrarum de Urquhart)]
    O. Wrquhart 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
    N. Wrwhart 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
    O. Orsett 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife [for O. Orfett]
    N. Orsett 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife [for N. Orfett
    Nether Orphit 1775 Ainslie/Fife
    Upper Orphit 1775 Ainslie/Fife
    Nether Urquhart 1828 SGF
    Upper Urquhart 1828 SGF
    Easter Nether Urquhart 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn
    Wester Nether Urquhart 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn
    Easter Upper Urquhart 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn
    Wester Upper Urquhart 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Pictish * ar + Pictish * carden

‘On or by a *carden’. For a discussion of Pictish *carden, which may mean either ‘wood, copse’ or ‘enclosure’, see Elements Glossary PNF 5. For discussion of Urquhart, see Watson 1926, 95 and VC (Anderson and Anderson 1991), 202, footnote 226. Urquhart occurs twice in FIF (the other being Urquhart DFL PNF 1), once in MOR, once in INV, once in ROS. Watson (1926, 352–3) actually denies that Urquhart SLO has this origin, and suggests that it contains G urchar ‘cast, shot’, but this is based on his lack of access to the early forms.

    In 1592 mention is made of a division of Urquhart called *Tods-Urquhart, revenue from which was paid to the keeper of Falkland Palace (RMS v no. 2202; see also FAL Intro., PNF 2). There was a John Tod in Meikle Balquhomrie (Mekil Balquhombry) LSL, on the southern slopes of the Lomonds, in 1519 (Fife Ct. Bk. 142).

    The lands of Urquhart occupy around five square kilometres on the north-west edge of the Lomonds, bounded on the south-west by Glen Burn and Glen Vale, and on the north-east by the lands of Drumdreel. Their unusually broad extent is reflected in the many divisions, both historical and contemporary, as seen in the early forms, above, and it still consists of six separate farms, Easter Nether Urquhart, Easter Upper Urquhart, Lacesston, Lappie, Wester Nether Urquhart, Wester Upper Urquhart (all OS Pathf. names), although several of these are now farmed together as one unit. The existence of Leden Urquhart SLO, on the other side of the strath or valley in the Ochils, behind Gateside, suggests that the old territory of Urquhart was even more extensive, and may also have included the lands of Pitlochie, which separate Leden Urquhart from the other Urquharts.

    The above NGR is of a point between Easter Nether Urquhart and Wester Nether Urquhart.

/ˈʌrkərt/ or /ˈʌrkət/, also /ˈʌrxert/, locally amongst the older generation /ˈɔrfɪt/, a pronunciation reflected already in the forms recorded by Pont in the late sixteenth century (and misprinted in B

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4