Stedmore Land

Stedmore Land SLO S NO213103 1 362 60m

    Steidmuirlaund 1506 Dunk. Rent. 195 [teind meal to Dunkeld Cathedral from Stedmore Land and Leden Urquhart (Ladinurquhart), 13 bolls paid jointly]
    Steidmuirland 1507 Dunk. Rent. 200 [teinds to Dunkeld from ‘Steidmuirland and Ladinurquhart’]
    Stedmuirland 1510 Dunk. Rent. 215 [listed separately from Leden Urquhart]
    Stedmuyrland 1513 Dunk. Rent. 223 [listed separately from Leden Urquhart]
    Staidmuirland 1514 Dunk. Rent. 229
    Stedmurland c.1560 s Assumption, 69 [printed wrongly as Stedinurland]
    Steidmureland 1574 x 1603 Campbell 1899, 618
    Steidmuirland 1596 Campbell 1899, 621
    Stanemureland 1603 RMS vi no. 1411 [barony of Pitgorno, q.v.]
    Steidmuirland 1671 Retours (Fife) no. 1106 [William Pitcairn of Pitlour, toun and lands of S. in lordship of Balmerino]
    a house in Stedmoreland of Strathmiglo 1796 Sasines no. 4556

Sc steid + Sc muir + Sc land

Sc steid ‘site, foundation’ or ‘steading’, also ‘mark, impression, track’. Though the elements of the name are fairly straightforward, it is harder to say what they mean in combination.

    It lies in the north-west corner of the village, and formed part of the lands of Balmerino Abbey. On Miller’s 1832 map of Strathmiglo it is said to mean ‘the land of the town on the muir’, and to consist of c.30 feus.

    The entries from the Dunkeld Rental indicate that Stedmuirland and Leden Urquhart were treated for a period as two parts of a single toun, though by 1510 the two names appear as separate touns.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4