Gateside SLO S NO186093 1 372 90m

    the Gaitsyd 1574 x 1603 Campbell 1899, 618 [‘ane piece of land with house etc. with the aikers or lands of the chapell of St Mary the Virgin of Den lying besyde the Gaitsyd in the barony of Pitgormo’(sic, for Pitgorno)]
    Gaitsyd 1632 RMS viii no. 2023 [Andrew Murray, a piece of land with the acres ‘of the lands of St Mary’s Chapel of Den called Gateside’ (terrarum de Sanct-Mareis-chapell de Den nuncupat Gaitsyd), in lordship of Balmerino]
    the aikers of land of Sanct Marie’s chapel callit Gaitsyd 1654 Retours (Fife) ii no. 1591
    Gaitsyd 1668 Retours Fife no. 1040 [to Viscount Stormont; a piece of land ‘of the chaplaincy of St Mary of Den called Gateside’ (capellanie Sancte Marie de dun Gaitsyd nuncupata); where dun should read den]
    Gateside 1828 SGF
    Gateside 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn
    Gateside House 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc gate + Sc side

‘Settlement beside a road’, the road being the western approach to Strathmiglo. It is not on Blaeu or Ainslie/Fife; but is marked as a small village on SGF (1828). It is probably one of the two villages mentioned as being in the parish of Strathmiglo in OSA. The monks of Balmerino Abbey, who held extensive lands of Drumdreel and Pitgorno SLO, had a chapel-of-ease, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, at Gateside (see Leighton 1840, ii, 191; Campbell 1899, 156–7). The site of their chapel was identified as being at NO1854 0926 (NMRS NO10NE 8).

    The NGR given is for OS Pathf. Gateside House.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4