Dundinny # S

    Dundinny 1592 RMS v no. 2202

G dùn + ? G teine

The first element is G dùn ‘fort, (fortified) hill’. The second element might be G teine ‘fire’ (with the d the result of nasalisation of t following what was originally a neuter noun dùn). However, the name appears too late in the record for an etymology to be given with any confidence.

    In 1592 10 merks for the dues (censibus) of the lands of Dundinny made up part of the income of the offices of hereditary steward of Fife and keeper of Falkland Palace. No other occurrence of the name has been found. It has been located in SLO since the lands immediately preceding it are also in that parish (Toddis-Urquhart, part of the estate of Urquhart SLO); also because of the very tentative identification with Dunnimonkshill # SLO (see below). See FAL Intro. (PNF 2) for more details of this charter (RMS v no. 2202).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4