Drumwhannan SLO S NO218100 1

    Drumwhannan 1794 Deeds no. 29 Cash Feus[392] [‘Alexander Low of Cash feus to David Galloway, weaver in Strathmiglo ... all and whole that piece of ground with the dwelling-house presently building thereon being part of the lands of Cash situated upon that portion thereof called Drumwhannan, that piece being bounded by Alexander Davidson’s feu upon the east, the Bank Park of Cash upon the south, by William Galloway’s feu upon the west and by the Eastmiln Lands on the north ... the said piece of ground in Drumwhannan of Cash’]
    Drumwhannan of Cash 1794 Deeds of no. 29 Cash Feus [see preceding]
    Drumwhannan 1796 Sasines no. 4551 [‘William Morrison, weaver, Wester Cash, in 1 rood, 19 falls and 7 ells of the lands of Cash called Drumwhannan, and 1 acre, 25 falls and 27 ells of land in the Bankpark of Cash’]
    Drumwhannan 1918 Deeds of 29A Cash Feus[393] [‘the portion in the lands of Cash called Drumwhannan, extending to 19 falls Scots Measure ... to James Blyth, Baker, residing at Drumwhannan Cottage, Strathmiglo’]

G druim + ?

The first element is G druim ‘ridge’, referring to the relatively steeply rising land to the south of the Eden (or Miglo) on the lands of Wester Cash, which has given rise in the Scots-speaking period to such names as Bank Park, Mid Bank, Well Bank and West Bank. The second element is more problematical. It may be a diminutive of the second element in Mountquhanie KLM, for which see above. Alternatively, it may derive from G canoin ‘canon’ (of church), perhaps signifying some connection with one or more of the canons of Dunkeld Cathedral, in whose diocese Strathmiglo lay. There is, however, no known tenurial connection between Wester Cash and Dunkeld, the feudal superior being the earl of Fife, except that, as with all the other lands in SLO, it paid teinds to Dunkeld Cathedral church (see SLO Intro., Parish and Boundaries). If it does contain this ecclesiastical element, it is possible that Drumwhannan represented that part of the land of Wester Cash which was put aside to supply these teinds, if that was indeed a valid way of organising the payment of these dues.

    From the title deeds quoted above, it is clear that Drumwhannan lies at the east end of Cash Feus, on the west side of Mid Bank Street, and an examination of all title deeds in that part of Strathmiglo would probably define it more accurately. While the name is no longer used locally, one of the properties in this part of Strathmiglo is the home of a successful breeder of German Shepherds (Alsatians), with Drumwhannan as the pedigree name.[394]

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4