Bank Well

Bank Well SLO W NO214098 1 373 60m

    Bankwell 1785 Sasines no. 1090
    houses, office houses and yard of Bankwell 1796 Sasines no. 4396 [David Skene of Hallyards, Bankwell ‘and lands thereof’, with other lands in SLO]
    Bank Well 1832 Miller/map
    Bankwell Quarry 1832 Miller/map

Sc bank + Sc wall

‘Well on or by a bank’. For the bank in question, see under Cash SLO. It is now the name of a well behind the east end of Skene Street, Strathmiglo, and it has given its name to a street in the village, Bankwell Crescent. In the sasine entries quoted above Bankwell was clearly also a settlement-name, and may have been the older name for nearby West Bank SLO. This was a small c.75 acre dairy farm which belonged to Pitlour Estate, and run as a separate unit until c.1949.[378]

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4