Mill Crag

Mill Crag # NBH S NO227163 3

    Mylcrag 1457 NAS Adv. MS 34.7.1 fo 4r [= Laing 1876, 150 fn. 1 and 482; Lind. Lib. no. 2 misreads this ‘juxta crag’; see NBH Intro., Gaelic and Scots]
    Milnecraiges 1643 RMS ix no. 1426 [part of lands of Lochmill NBH, q.v.]
    Mylncraigs 1647 RMS ix no. 1843 [Balfour of Pitmedden ANY, lands of Lochmill with mill and mill-lands, lands called Mill Crags and their loch]
    Milnecraigs 1675 Retours (Fife) no. 1143 [Michael Balfour of Denmylne ABE, the lands of Lochmill (Lochmilne) and the lands of Mill Crag]
    Mill Crag 1876 Laing 1876, 150

Sc miln + Sc craig

‘Crag(s), rock(s) or rocky outcrop(s) by or belonging to the mill’. The mill is Lochmill NBH, which supplies the above approximate NGR, since the lands of Mill Crag appear regularly as part of the lands of Lochmill.

    The eponymous crag is possibly on the steep northern side of Lochmill Hill, north-west of Lochmill. This forms the parish (ANY/NBH) and county (PER/FIF) boundary; alternatively it may refer to Lochmill Hill itself.

    It is not to be confused with Craig Mill ABE, q.v. above.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4