Lattiesholl # MNZ S NO340180 3

    terras de Lattishole 1558 x 1566 RMS iv no. 1698 [see discussion, below]
    Lawteis Hoill 1562 Assumption, 56 [Kirkhill # and Moonzie (Kirkhill & Auchtirmousall) ‘and gleib thairof callit Lawteis Hoill’; Scotlandwell Priory]
    Lawteishoill 1569 RMS iv no. 1889 [rights to the teinds of the parish kirk of Moonzie (Auchtermunsy) ... kirklands of the said church called Lattiesholl]
    terras de Lattiesholl 1648 RMS ix no. 1939 col. 2 [to John earl of Crawford and Lindsay lands in Cults CLT (PNF 2), lands of Torr (Torr) MNZ, ‘lands of Lattiesholl, with teind sheaves included’ (cum decimis garbalibus inclusis)]
Lattieshoill 1648 APS vi part 2, 116 [as above entry, but in Scots, adding Skelpie CLT to the list: ‘landis of Barclarie and Cults and landis of Skelpie, Tor, Lattieshoill and teyndschaves’]
Latschall 1652 RMS x no. 33 col. 3 [charter full of transcription errors]
Latisholl 1652 RMS x no. 40 [‘the lands of Latisholl, with the teinds thereof included, as yet never separated from the stock of the said lands, lying between the lands of Auchtermoonsie on the west and south, the lands of ... [345] on the north, and the lands of Cairney on the east, all pertaining to John, Earl of Crawford Lyndsay and Strutheris ...’]
Lattisho<l> 1664 Retours (Fife) no. 968 [printed Lattishot; James Arnot of Fernie, the lands of Lattiesholl with teinds]

pn Lawtie/Latto  + Sc holl / howe

‘Lawtie’s hollow’. A Peter Lawtie (Lauta/Lawta) was at Cunnoquhie MML in the 1540s (St A. Rent. 153, 189, 218).[346] For various forms of the name Lawtie, see Black 1946, s.n. The 1569 entry, above, shows that Lattiesholl was kirkland belonging to Moonzie parish kirk.

    The NGR above is inferred from the description of the lands of Lattiesholl given in a charter of 1558 (confirmed 1566, RMS iv no. 1698), whereby Archibald Arnot, minister of Scotlandwell and of its convent, of the Order of the Holy Trinity of the Redemption of Captives (i.e. the Trinitarian Friars), feued to David Arnot of that ilk and his heirs the lands of Lattiesholl, ‘including their garbal teinds and other teinds and never hitherto alienated, between the lands of Moonzie, Colluthie MNZ and (Lords)Cairnie MNZ’ (decimis garbalibus et aliis decimis earundem inclusis hactenusque nunquam separatis, inter terras de Auchtermonsye, Culluthy et Cairny). A charter of 1652 in very much the same terms adds directional detail, situating Lattiesholl east and north of the lands of Moonzie, south of Colluthie and west of (Lords)Cairnie (1652 RMS x no. 40; see early forms, above). This would place it somewhere near West Myre MNZ, a situation further suggested by the element holl ‘hollow, depression’. It may also have been known as Holecairnie #, for which see Lordscairnie MNZ.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4