Woodflat * MML S NO3316 3

    Wddeflatt’ 1249 x 1286 NAS RH1/2/681 [o.c.]
    Woddislat c.1290 Scrymgeour Inventory no. 667 [16th c. transcript, probably for Woddiflat; see The Mount MML]
    Woddislak c.1290 Scrymgeour Inventory no. 782 [16th c. transcript, probably for Woddiflat or similar; lands of The Mount (Lie Mu<n>th) called *Woodflat and Lilac(field) MML]

Sc wuid + Sc flat

‘Level field or piece of ground beside or within woodland’; it is possible that the first element is adjectival wuidy, earlier wod(d)y ‘wooded’ (DOST). It was on the lands of The Mount MML.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4