Over Rankeilour

Over Rankeilour MML S NO328135 1 362 55m

    Ovirrankelour 1506 ER xii, 719 [Alexander Sibbald seised in Over Rankeilour, Pitcullo LEU and Auchindownie (Edindowny) LAR]
    Uverrankelo 1538 St A. Rent. 7 [in parish of Monimail (Monymeill)]
    Ovir-Rankelo 1540 RMS iii no. 2136 [the lands of Over Rankeilour are one of the marches of Fernie Myres # MML, q.v. for more details]
    terras de Rankelour-Ovir 1540 RMS iii no. 2167 [to Alexander Sibbald; with tower, manor-place, fortalice, mills etc., and common grazing, and digging ‘sods and turves, the fails and divots, within Fernie Myre’ (glebas, cespites, le falis et duvettis infra marresiam de Fernys), according to old custom (usum), and likewise in the Earlsmuir alias Edens Muir CLS, q.v.]
    (lands and barony of) Rankillor-over 1602 Retours (Fife) no. 123
    Over Rankeilour 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn [also shows an un-named building at the site of OS Pathf. Over Rankeilour Farm]

Sc over + en Rankeilour

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4