Dowloch # MML W NO3014 3

    lie Dowloch 1552 x 1569 RMS iv no. 1869 [on the edge of the common pasture of Letham MML; see MML Intro., Minor Names, for context]
    lie Dowloch 1552 x 1593 RMS v no. 2292 [see preceding]
    lie Dawloch 1587 RMS v no. 1394 [see preceding]

? G dubh + ? G loch

‘Black loch’? Duloch IKG (by Dunfermline) appears as Dowloche in 1466, and most likely contains these elements (see PNF 1, 377).

    It is not clear where this feature lay: it could be in the boggy lowland south-east of the village of Letham (for which see also Ballantagar MML); or, perhaps more likely, in the hills north of Letham. See MML Intro., Minor Names for other names associated with it (*Green Mire, *Bruntfield Brae and the *Thornyslack), none of which can be identified on the ground.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4