Brankstone Grange

Brankstone Grange CUS S NS979904 1 383 70m

Brainstonm 1753 Roy, sheet 16, 1
Brankstone 1783 Stobie
Brankstown 1826 Sasines no. 2291 [‘Cateflatis or Katterflatts now called Brankstown’]
Brankstone Grange 1896 OS 1:2,500

en Brankstone + Sc grange

For a discussion of the problematic element brank, see PNF 5, Elements Glossary. The second element of Brankstone could be either Sc toun, SSE town or stone.

The Sasine of 1826 indicates that the name Brankstone replaced an earlier Cateflatis or Katterflatts, a name which occurs several times in association with Wester Grange and Badfish q.v..

It is not clear why Brankstone acquired the ‘Grange’ suffix between 1783 and 1896. In 1644 it was included, under its former name of Caterflattis, among the lands of Gilbert Gourlay of West Grange (see West Grange CUS below), so there may have been an early connection between Brankstone and the estate of Grange which gave rise to the form Brankstone Grange. But the adoption of ‘Grange’ by the owner of Brankstone may have been merely an affectation of the nineteenth century. Strangely, neither Brankstone nor Brankstone Grange are named on OS 6 inch 1st edn. 1866.

The place was for a while re-named Haldane House when it became ‘one of Dr Barnardo’s Homes for orphan children’ (TSA, 405).

Note also Branxton LAR (PNF 2), Branxton WMS and Brankholm # DFL, RHX (both PNF 1).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1