Bordie CUS S NS956868 1 393 50m SOF

Burdie 1540 x 1543 RMS iii no. 2869 [see CUS Introduction]
Boirdie 1585 RMS v no. 913 [with mansion, fishings, saltworks, coals etc.]
Bordy 1587 Culross Chrs. 81 no. 32 [lands of Bordy, mansion etc. set in feu to Walter Callender]
Bourdy 1600 RMS vi no. 1078
Bourdie 1609 RMS vii no. 9
Bordy 1663 RMS xi no. 406
Bordie 1730 Cooper (Adair)
Fordie 1753 Roy sheet 16, 1 [evidently an error for *Bordie]
Bordie 1776 Taylor and Skinner [‘Bordie Ruins’]
Bordie 1783 Stobie
Bordy 1821 Ainslie/S. Scotland

A problematic name, I am not even sure which language it derives from. From the earliest forms (unfortunately relatively late) the original vowel appears to have been u or ou rather than o.

The NGR is taken from OS Pathf. Bordie Castle (antiquity) NS956868 beside Bordie farm. NMRS (NS98NE 5) states that the present buildings at Bordie include the remains of a seventeenth-century house.

Note also OS Pathf. Bordie Moor to the north, with the Standard Stone on its highest point. In spite of legends relating this stone to an eleventh-century battle between Scots and Danes, NMRS casts doubt on this account. Though its precise purpose is not known, it is ‘possibly associated with riding the marches, as the Tulliallan/Culross boundary is close by’ (NS98NE 6).


This place-name appeared in printed volume 1