Adkar # LOG S NO375188 3

    iu ta montem que uocatur Adkar x 1251 St A. Lib. 292 [‘beside the hill which is called Adkar’ (reading qui for que); see LOG Intro. for more details]
    iu ta monte qui uocatur Adkar’ 1251 St A. Lib. 294 [confirmation by King Alexander of Simon’s grant (see previous entry)]

? G ath + ? G * cair

‘New fort’? If this very tentatively proposed derivation from G ath *chair ‘new fort’ is correct, then the name may be contrasted with nearby Craigsanquhar LEU (q.v. above), whose specific element, *Sanquhar, is derived from sean *chair ‘old fort’. Nothing in the vicinity which might be described as a fort is reported in NMRS, but there may have been some kind of fortification on Kedlock Hill or Myrecairnie Hill KLM.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4