Shillinghaugh # LEU S NO445206 2

    Scheilinghauch 1540 RMS iii no. 2114 col. 1 [see pp. 486–7, above]
    Schillinghauch 1540 NAS C2/26 no. 449 [a second occurrence of the name, not transcribed in the printed version RMS iii no. 2114]
    Schillinghauch 1551 ER xviii, 531 [barony of Leuchars-Ramsay]
    Schillinghauch 1567 ER ix, 565 [see Milton LEU]
    Scheillinghauch 1567 Retours (Fife) no. 63 [Leuchars-Ramsay]
    shilling halfe 1658 Retours (Fife) no. 882 [James earl of Southesk, ‘the thrid pairt of the lands of Mylnetoune with the 2 corne mylnes and shilling halfe thereof’, where halfe is a scribal or editorial error for haugh(e)]
    lie Shillinghaugh 1700 Retours (Fife) no. 1440 [see Milton LEU]

Sc scheling + Sc haugh

‘A haugh or river-side meadow where grain is winnowed’. Shilling Hill LSL (PNF 2) has the same specific. The close association with Milton LEU and its grain-mills makes this more likely than shieling.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4