St Michaels

St Michaels LEU S NO442228 1 20m

    St. Michaels 1828 SGF
    St Michaels 1829 RHP1292
    St Michael’s Inn 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn [also St Michael’s Wood]

pn St Michael

‘In the ... parish of Leuchars there is a place and its surroundings known as “Michael’s”, but in the Valuation Roll and Ordnance Survey these appear as “St Michael’s”, although the name was derived from Michael Irvine, a publican of this century!’ (St A. Kirk Sess. 69 note 3, published 1889).

    By the time of the OS 1st edn there is no hint that such a recent, and ironic, sanctification had taken place. The OS Name Book describes St. Michael’s Inn as: ‘A public house at the junction of the Cupar and St Andrews roads to Newport having a good stabling accommodation and vegetable gardens attached occupied by Andrew Morrison and property of Col. Long’ (44, 24); while St. Michael’s Wood is described as ‘A large wood on the East side of the road leading from Leuchars to Newport. It extends from St. Michael’s Inn to Fordel, near Craigie Farmhouse, and is entirely composed of Fir Trees. it is the property of General Lindsay’ (44, 23).[298] This wood appears in almost exactly its modern shape on RHP1684 (1785) called Fordel Muir Planting.

    OS Pathf. also shows St Michael’s Wood, St Michael’s Children’s Home, and ‘hotel’ at the site of St Michael’s Inn (1855) (NO441228).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4