Hayston LEU S NO419201 1 352 50m EAF

    quarteriam terrarum de Ardeth tunc Litle Ardeth alias Hayistoun nuncupat. 1627 RMS viii no. 1179 [James VI feus to Arthur Morton (Myretoun) of Pittowie CRA ‘a quarter of lands of Airdit, then called Little Airdit alias Hayston’ in parish of Leuchars, resigned by Mr William Murray minister portionar of Airdit]
    Hayistoun 1638 Retours (Fife) no. 575 [William Morton (Myrtoun), son and heir of Arthur Morton of Pittowie CRA, in a quarter of the lands of Airdit (Ardethe) called Little Airdit (Little Ardethe) alias Hayston]
    Hayston 1828 SGF
    Hayston 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

pn Hay  + Sc toun

The Hays were in at least part of the lands of Airdit LEU by 1516 at the latest, when David Hay is described as being ‘of Airdit’ (Fife Ct. Bk. 34), and in 1523 they are described as having one quarter of Airdit (RMS iii no. 237). In 1578 Alexander Hay, feuar of a quarter of Airdit, sold his quarter to Andrew Murray of Arngask PER, FIF (RMS iv no. 2820; see Airdit, above). The name Hayston, referring to this quarter, also known as Little Airdit, probably came to be used retrospectively at around this time, but the earliest record of it found so far is in 1627, when it is used as an alias for Little Airdit, at the moment when the land is changing hands again, this time from the Murrays to the Mortons of Pittowie CRA (RMS viii no. 1179).

    There is also a Hayston, named from the same family, in Peeblesshire. For *Hays Mill FGN, see under St Fort FGN; see also Hay’s Hill BMO.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4