Drumoig LEU S NO4325 1

This is a modern name, coined at the very end of the twentieth century to apply to a new golf course and housing development. Initially built by the Scottish Golf Union as the Scottish National Golf Centre at a cost of £4.3 million, Drumoig opened in 1999 and went into receivership in 2003 (Mike Aitken, The Scotsman, 21 November 2003). It is now owned by Torith Ltd. of Dundee, the golf course and hotel operating as The Drumoig Hotel Golf Resort. It is shown on OS Explorer 371 (2001) only as ‘Golf Centre’, ‘CH’ (for Club House) and ‘Hotel’, the name Drumoig not appearing.

    It is stated locally that the name was transferred from Aberdeenshire. While no place of that name can now be located, it may derive from Drumoak, a parish near Aberdeen. It is a pity that a more local name, of which there is no lack, was not chosen for this important new development.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 4