Newington KLM S NO346190 1 362 65m WEF

    Newington 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Following publication of PNF 4, where it was tentatively proposed that the name was transferred from Newington, Edinburgh, I gratefully received from Rev. David Weekes of Kilmany the following information:[261] ‘The two brothers, Inglis at [neighbouring] Colluthie [MNZ], decided to divide their lands equally. This meant building a new house, and giving it, and the newly created farm, a name. So they coined NEW-ING-TON. NEW for the obvious reason; ING as the first letters of their patronymic; and TON for the new farm toun. The new Laird’s house was built in 1828, and so it all took place about then. My source for this is R. W. MacLeod, Lairds and Farmers in North Fife, Levenmouth 1998 revision of 1996, p. 103. ... He [wrongly] puts this in Moonzie Parish, and dates the house to the 1890s.’

    OS Name Book (42, 29) describes it as ‘[a] commodious dwelling house two stories high, in excellent repair and slated, with a court of farm offices, a good garden and a large arable farm attached. The steading is in good repair, the land is well drained, and worked on the most approved mode of farming. It is tenanted by the proprietor Henry Inglis Esq.’. See Screen # KLM, below for comment.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 4