Ashes CUS S NS980870 1 393 75m SWF

Eschis 1540 x 1543 RMS iii no. 2869
Eschis 1543 x 1586 RMS v no. 1106
Eschis 1546 RMS iv no. 27
Esches 1587 RMS v no. 1284
Eschis 1587 Culross Chrs. 80 no. 11 [feu-farm of lands of Wester Boith Kirktoun called Wallis and Eschis, set in feu to Alexander Gaw of Maw]
Eschis 1587 Culross Chrs. 80 no. 11 [Eschis, Hill, Byirfeild]
Eschet or Wester Eschies 1622 Retours (Perth) no. 306 [lands of Wester Both, lands of Walls (Wallis) and 6 acres of Ashes or Wester Ashes (Eschet vel Wester Eschies)]
Aysches 1644 Retours (Perth) no. 544 [Gilbert Gourlay of Wester Grange, ‘part of the land of Ashes called *Kilfaulds’ (parte terrae de Aysches nuncupata Kilfaldis)]
Ashens 1783 Stobie
Ashens 1821 Ainslie/S. Scotland

Sc ash

‘Ash trees’.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 1